5.0 out of 5 starsAverage Customer Review on Amazon

From its absorbing first pages, Leigh Carron’s steamy novel delivers passion, suspense, and truth. We’re introduced to Mick and Dee, former lovers that you immediately recognize and bind yourself to. They are honest and hurt. Flawed but fiery. They are perfectly imperfect. I can’t imagine a more perfect literary treat. You have to get this must-read!!! – Wynne Channing (Best Selling author)

Carron’s descriptive, clever writing doesn’t miss a beat: the story unfolds at a good pace with no lulls whatsoever, being able to read multiple narratives is quite ‘refreshing’. ‘Fat Girl’ is a readers delight: kinda like a box of good don’t realize how much you’ve consumed until you stop and look down to find an empty box! ..Next book PLEASE – Amazon Reader

This was one HOT, emotional, and all-around EXCELLENT contemporary romance! – Lauren (Romance Novel Giveaways)

Leigh Carron has produced an engaging novel that is anchored in the passionate connection between two complex and authentic characters. Funny, gritty, and steeped in sensuality, this story is both smart and entertaining. 50 shades of humiliation and degradation it is not. Carron is clearly a girl’s girl, with a deep respect and understanding of what truly makes women tick. Readers will most certainly connect with her leading lady’s struggles around body image and intimacy, and be inspired by the underlying theme of self-acceptance. –  Tracy

Leigh has done a splendid job.  For starters, I loved the vivid cover and would have wanted to read the book for  just that reason alone.  Then,  I especially enjoyed the raw and complex emotions of the characters and how she weaved in both of their voices/perspectives. There were really some great passages filled with emotion and passion…  He stalks closer and leans in low—eight inches low—until his mouth is a hairbreadth from mine.”  Her description of Mick was so vivid that I could picture his  “fine ass,” strong jawbone and sensuality.  The pace was just right!  – Catherine

OMG this is so good! I think the writing is well paced. There aren’t gaps where you’re left bored. Leigh Carron gives glimpses to answer the reader’s questions throughout the three chapters. The characters are real. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!! WELL DONE! – Gillian

So about 30 minutes ago I opened the link, and I read the whole excerpt. Leigh Carron, you have written a novel that I literally could NOT put down. As I read the words the characters came to life for me. Fifty shades of grey has nothing on this novel. I love reading so much and when I open a book, the first chapter is the most important for me. It is as simple as this, if I don’t like the first chapter, I will not read the book. I knew after the first page, this would not be the case. I love how the romance is mixed in with the suspense of whether or not she will take on the case and have to face the guilt of leaving the family that gave her so much. The worst part is that I have to wait until the summer to find out what happens…. the suspense!!!! – Ashley

Bravo to Ms. Carron. She has written a book with characters that come to life page after page. All women will find common ground with Dee as she struggles with body image and relationships. A great read so far! – Helen Martha

Love it so far. Interesting characters, intriguing story line. Leaves me wanting more. The cover really grabs your attention. – Lee

I like it and want more!! Love the descriptive narrative and how three dimensional the characters are. I can relate to Dee already. “Fat Girl” has all the hallmarks of a best seller!! – Rekhi

Stylish cover! And I can’t wait to see what happens between Dee & Mick! – Kat

A superb read so far that left me wanting more. Its clear the author has a talent for bringing characters to life; I thoroughly enjoyed the narration from the perspective of both main characters…I can’t wait for the book to come out! – Siham

I just read your excerpt. Your writing style is excellent. I could really hear the voices of each character while I read.  You have layered each one beautifully.  I am excited to learn more about your Dee, Micah and Victor. I am intrigued and already hooked!  I truly can’t wait to read more!  I am also going to forward your excerpt to a few friends.  They will enjoy it as well. I wish you much success! I will be purchasing your book and then bragging that I have met the author! – Stacey

2 Responses to Reviews

  1. Alison says:

    Such a wonderful start to what is to surely be a great book and an even better series! I have been hooked since the first words and can’t wait to see what happens to Dee and Mick.

  2. Liliana says:

    I absolutely LOVED the book!!!! Any time I would get I will read and read! Its a great way to make a plus size women feel good about our curves! Can’t wait till the continuation.

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