Fat Girl Review by Renee Entress

This was a very emotional, heart warming book about a girl trying to reclaim her life so to speak and learning to accept herself the way she is and learn to love herself. This book was sweet, sexy, and put on me one hell of an emotional rollercoaster.
This is the beginning of Dee and Micah’s story. Dee is struggling. Low self esteem and being plus size are just a couple of issues in Dee’s life. When someone from her past barges in her life and demands her constant presence, will her issues keep her from finding a happy ending? Or will Micah be able to break down her walls for good?
I loved Dee. God many girls can probably relate to her character at some point in this book and that is what really spoke to me about it. I could relate to her in some ways. I also liked Micah and his persistence.
I do recommend this book!

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About Leigh Carron

Author of the provocative romance, Fat Girl, the first installment of a two-part series coming June 25, 2014. Sequel concludes with "A Naked Beauty."
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